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DIY Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

When we moved into this house, the kitchen was outdated but fully functioning. Other projects around the house had priority over the kitchen, and honestly, I wanted to "live" in the kitchen for a while to figure out what I really wanted to do with it. I am slowly starting to figure out what I would like to do with this space. One thing that is for sure staying is the actual footprint of the cabinets. While I would love a giant island with tons of prep and serving space, it does not make sense for this home. The most used counter space in the kitchen is the corner between the sink and the stove. It is more than enough space to prep meals. It has one major flaw. It is dark.

While we have not decided what we want to do with the majority of the kitchen, I know the cabinets are staying. I had to do something about this dark corner! My dad recently installed under cabinet lighting at his house, and it made such a big impact. I recruited my DIY buddy to come over and help me install the lights! Let me explain how we did it!

After determining how many strips we would need based on the number of outlets available, I purchased these LED lights off of Amazon. They were incredibly affordable & LED lights will use very little energy making them, even more, cost-effective. These lights are made to plug into an outlet and run off of a switch. You can find some that run on battery & a remote as well. It is also important to note that these lights come in different "colors". Usually, it is "warm" and "daylight". I chose warm because the rest of the lighting in my house is warm and I wanted it to look cohesive.

After figuring out the layout, we added a few outlets into cabinets to hide the wire completely. Luckily, my dad was able to do this part by bringing power from existing outlets up into the cabinet. I understand that this part may not be an option for everyone. There are super creative ways to hide the outlet that your lights are plugged into on your counter. Try placing a cookbook stand or cutting board over the outlet. We used little cable clips to secure the wires tight on the bottom of the cabinets, so no wires are seen.

Each section is run on its own switch, which does not bother me. Let's just say, the quotes I got for these lights to run on a light switch were enough to do this simple DIY 100 times over. This project made such a big impact on this kitchen. The space feels more open and slightly larger than before if you can believe it!


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