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DIY Re-cover Project

Recovering furniture can be a simple and easy way to refresh a space and add interest. Now, don’t get me wrong, some furniture can be extremely complicated and require an expert. However, some pieces can be so simple that they take under an hour!

Let me show you how to find those pieces and get them done for a quick and simple space refresh!

The best way to find out if it is a simple recover project is to look at the bottom. If there is no piping, no decorative grommets, or anything of the sort, then you are good to go! This stool was simply wrapped around the cushion and stapled on. We can work with that! You need a staple gun, a box knife, and some scissors.

The first thing that I did was remove the old fabric. You can use a box knife to cut the fabric or a screwdriver to remove the staples. If the fabric is smooth and won’t show, it is also onto just cover over it!

Next, you will need to cut your fabric. I like to use the fabric that I took off as a pattern for the new piece. Give yourself a little extra room, you can always cut off fabric but you can’t add it!

When you are ready to staple the fabric, start with one staple on one side, then add a staple on the opposite side. Continue this process in order to keep the fabric even. Make sure to keep pulling the fabric tight so it does not wrinkle.

The next step is the corners. It really doesn’t matter how you do the corners, but these two points are important to follow! Do all the corners the exact same way. No matter what your method is, keep it consistent on all four corners. It could be a wrapping paper fold or a little pucker but keep it all the same! Also important is to pull the corners tight! You don’t want the fabric on the corners to be any looser than the rest of the piece.

Once you have the piece recovered, it’s time to screw it back together! The important part of this step is to make sure the screws catch into the recovered piece and the two pieces will be attached. This can be done by applying pressure while screwing it in.

That’s it! I love finding pieces at estate sales or thrift stores that I can give a quick refresh! Let me know if you try this!



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