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Using Something Old in a New & Meaningful Way

Lee Varhola Home dining room with china place settings

My mom has always been a collector of all things antique. Furniture, dishes, crystal, & art just to name a few categories. I think this is how my “Grandmillennial” style became what it is for me. I loved a lot of those items (many of them being my grandmothers or great grandmothers) and I wanted to introduce those into my home in a new and fresh way!

China is one item that has gone to the wayside in today's day and age of paper & plastic tableware. It is so much easier to use plates that can be tossed in the garbage or dishes that can be thrown in the dishwasher, but I love taking the extra step in my table setting to adding at least part of an heirloom china collection. In my opinion, it adds interest to the table. Something that is over 100 years old certainly brings a topic of conversation to the group, and probably looks a lot more beautiful than that cardboard cake plate (I do love a cute disposable plate every now and then, don't get me wrong).

Lee Varhola Home china place settings

Here, I used my everyday flatware (dishwasher safe), my everyday dinner plates (also dishwasher safe) & then added the special touch of using a salad plate from my great grandmother's china collection. I believe that this can update a “dated” look, while still looking elegant and paying homage to these pieces that have been given to me.

Grandmillennial style is fun for me because, for me, there is no right or wrong. I can mix and match old and new. I can make something more functional for our family by inserting a more modern item, but I can also use these old, beautiful items in my home. My mom always says, “china is not meant to collect dust in the cabinet, it is meant to be used and lived in ''.

It is also fun to find old colorful pieces that aren’t necessarily family pieces to use on a table. I often search for these at Estate sales or thrift stores. I don’t feel like I have to be as careful with these pieces. Here are a few of my favorites!



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Mar 09, 2022

Great look!

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