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Spring Home Refresh

After all of the Holiday glitter has settled & finally disappeared, I often find myself wanting a little time with minimal "extra" decor in my home. In the Spring, I start to get the decorating itch to do a little refresh. I tend not to get carried away with themed decorations for the Spring holidays. Instead, I like to add touches that brighten my space and almost make the space feel lighter.

A few of my favorite tips:

1. Swap out your faux floral stems!

This is the easiest way to instantly change the season of your space. In the winter, I love to use greenery like balsam in my vases. In the Spring, I swap those out for a light floral like these cherry blossoms or a brighter greenery like eucalyptus. The bigger the better in my opinion. Fresh is great, but if you are choosing faux stems, use the wire branches to bend and shape the stems to give them a more natural look.

My favorite faux florals- Cherry Blossoms, Tulips

2. Brighten up Pillow covers.

I am a firm believer in pillow covers for throw or decorative pillows. I love my pillow inserts to have some feather filling in them so they can be fluffed and shaped. As a way to save space and money, I opt for pillow covers (usually with a zip closure). This allows me to only store the covers, which saves space, and have more options and combinations with my decor.

If you have solid pillow, add a fun color pattern next to it or swap it out for a lighter color. Don't focus on color coordination too much, just have fun with it! Here are some of my favorite affordable options.

3. Light a floral candle.

Any candle with hints of florals or lemon will help your home to feel fresh and clean. Some of my favorites include tulips, hyacinth, lavender & lemon.

4. Brighten up your candy jar.

Swap out the leftover Christmas peppermints or maybe even the Halloween candy for something colorful and fruity! Put the candy in a clear jar and let it be its own decor. We love Nerds clusters. They come in several colors too which is a dream.

5. Refresh your guest space!

I know, this goes with Spring cleaning, but the guest room often becomes a catch-all in our household. Washing the sheets, fluffing the pillows, dusting and rearranging some of the decor will go a long way to refresh the space!


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