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My Wedding Registry Must-Haves

Matt and I have been married for over a year now. It is wild how fast time goes. I have always been a version of a homemaker. When it came time to register for our wedding, you can bet that this was an exciting day for me! I had done all the research that I thought was necessary, read dozens of reviews on each product and compared the best to the next best. What I have learned, is that you can do all the research to find the best serving platter in the most perfect color, but if it doesn't fit in your kitchen or work with your lifestyle, you are never going to use it.

wedding registry must haves

Here, I have broken down, what I think, is our top, most used products from our wedding registry. The hope is if there are any Brides out there reading this (Congrats!), my two cents will help guide you to build your own useful bridal registry.

#1 Power Drill

Go ahead, call me crazy! However, DIY-er or not you will find a need for a power drill in your first year of marriage. This set that we have is perfect for hanging shelves and putting together furniture but will also be useful for any projects that may come along. A power drill makes the beloved couple's activity of hanging curtains much easier than using a regular screwdriver.

#2 Multi-function Coffee Pot

We use this coffee pot every single day. Whether we set the timer to make a full pot in the morning, or I make an after latte, It is probably one of our most used household items. This pot also makes it great for when guests come. It's a nice touch to give them options for their morning coffee.

#3 Quality Knives

Go ahead and register for high-quality knives that will last you! We actually did not do this for our wedding. I had a set that I thought was fine before we were married. It turns out they were cheap & needed to be replaced shortly after we were married. We recently went to Williams Sonoma and learned all about knives according to our household needs and ended up with this one!

#4 Full set of Flatware

This might seem dramatic but register for 16 place settings. Most stores offer in a single set of five or four sets of 5 (making a set of 20). Four forks will hardly get you through all the meals in a day, let alone a dinner party. My Aunt gave me great advice that I always consider when shopping for kitchen items. If you have a dinner party of twelve (6 couples), you are bound to have already used a fork or a knife in the drawer and you don't want to worry about washing dishes before the guests even arrive. More is more in this case.

#5 Dutch Oven & a Slow Cooker

With this Duo, you can do anything! My Dutch oven and slow cooker are the most used and most coveted cookware that we own. In fact, when I asked Matt what his favorite registry item was that we have, he said the slow cooker. No lie. We love our slow cooker because of the 7 in 1 feature that it has, which makes it so versatile for meals. The Dutch oven can go from oven to the stove to table. Both are very easy to clean as well! That is important!

#6 Textiles

Towels, bedding, & pillows were originally low on my priority list, but then I looked at what I had (4 mismatched towels & a few lumpy pillows). We ended up registering for a nice set of towels that wash well. I literally look forward to getting out of the shower and using them! I also added a few extra pillows to this list that are still in the vacuum-sealed bags. They store in the linen closet perfectly, and when I see a pillow that needs to be refreshed, I can easily replace it.

So, there you have it! My Wedding Registry must-haves. I am sure, ten years down the road, I will laugh at myself for this! They are all just “things”, but I know the feeling of being Bride that was so anxious to mess this up! Things are replaceable, time is not! I hope that you found this to be helpful & efficient.

What is your favorite item that you registered for? Do you still have it? Comment below!


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