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Hosting Christmas Dinner

It has always been a dream of mine to host Christmas dinner around our large dining table with family and friends. This year, that dream came true! We bought this dining table a year ago and it hardly fits in our old house. I still wanted it because I knew that one day it would have all the leaves in it, stretched out, surrounded by family and friends.

Christmas dinner

I have been a collector of old and new Christmas Spode for a few years, and I was excited to get it on the table. I used the Spode as the base for the decor on my table. A colorful and cheery tablecloth was a great backdrop for these beautiful plates. From there, I added my grandmother's water glasses and most of my everyday tableware for the rest of the table. I had registered for these adorable reindeer napkin rings that added a little more holiday flare. I used gift tags as place markers to make it extra festive!

christmas dinner

spode christmas

Let's talk hosting! I like to set up “self-service” stations for my guests. This is helpful because I can either quickly make my guest a cocktail or pour them a glass of wine, or my guest feels comfortable serving themselves. This wine station was in the dining room with a number of choices. At the bar, I had two pre-mixed cocktails that could be poured over ice or shaken up really quickly! This really can be done at any party & I frequently use this trick when I am hosting.

drink station

drink mixes

My last hosting tip for this post is PARTY PLATES! This is definitely a soapbox moment for me. I do not like to spend my money on paper plates. I would rather go buy another bottle of wine or flowers for the table. So, party plates are my solution! What are party plates you ask? Party plates are inexpensive, dishwasher-safe plates, separate from your everyday plates that are specifically used for parties and hosting.

party plates

Often times party plates are thrifted or found at estate sales for a low price. It is not the end of the world if one gets broken or thrown in the dishwasher, & that is the best thing about them! Let me tell you, this will save you money on paper plates, and you will look like you put a little more effort into your hosting skills (even if you didn’t). I love using party plates for my events, I collect glass plates like these for that purpose. They are great for appetizers, small bites, and cakes! Have a convinced you yet?

Hosting can be so fun around the Holidays, and I hope these tips help you!



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